Airbound Entertainment.


Airbound Entertainment is a music management and booking agency, dedicated to the growth and success of upcoming and established music artists. Airbound is committed to the amazing musicians that we are proud to represent. We work closely with our artists and take a creative approach to help them in any aspect of their careers. Whether it is booking shows, scheduling, marketing, networking, or helping in day-to-day operations, we work tirelessly to create opportunities for our musicians, so that they may exceed their career goals. With music being the primary focus, we truly believe in the talent that we are fortunate to represent and it is our mission to help them find their own success. Airbound also takes pride in collaborating with other artists and is honored to have the opportunity to share their music with the world. Airbound Entertainment laid the groundwork for the steady improvement of LIVE music in Statesboro, GA. We have booked for, or brought, artists such as, David Nail, DANK, Sumilan, PIANO., Those Cats, The Orange Constant, Atlas Road Crew, The Steppin Stones, Les Racquet, The Northerners, Gimme Hendrix, Craig Waters & the Flood, Archnemesis, Ryan Kinder, Nate Kenyon, Trea Landon BYOG & Universal Sigh!