The Night Shift. - Atlanta, GA - Alternative Indie Rock


Every so often a man, a sound, a movement comes along that changes everything. You wake up one morning and all your neighbors have newfangled electric light bulbs or you wake up and your parents are divorced. Ground breaking stuff. The Night Shift. is a band founded initially in Roswell, GA in June of 2014 with Anthony Prince (Vocalist and Guitarist) and Cameron Crum (Bassist and Vocalist) as the primary songwriters with friend, Tom Hilton, playing on drums. They together made the band's first EP, "When We Say It," and released it in October of 2014. Due to the many challenges life throws at everyone, and several shows later, Cameron and Tom amicably left the band. Kegan Krogh joined in on bass, and Jon Buncic joined in on drums very shortly after. With very similar musical interests and influences, Kegan, Jon, and Anthony began a bold new direction with harder, dancier, and funkier riffs with The Night Shift. and released their first record together, “The Full Woman” on July 23rd, 2015.

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