Carry On - Statesboro, GA - Rock


Carry On is a young rock group full of passion and drive to take their shot at the music industry. From their classic rock, hard rock, and even sometimes funk rock sound, Carry On has been covering hits from the 70's through the modern day, as well as performing original tunes that fit into their own modern style of rock. Carry On is a four piece band comprised of a drummer (John Crowe), bassist (Alex Faber), guitarists (Robert Wolfe), and singer/frontman (Brock Bowen). Thier history is simple, four kids practicing their hearts out every week to one day be on a stage getting our passion across to anyone and everyone who would listen. Thier goal is to produce professional sound and performance, while engaging the audience and using dynamics in song choice to keep the show interesting. Appealing to young and older audiences all around, the members of Carry On look forward to growing as a band, and performing in more and more venues both inside and outside of their Statesboro, GA hometown.

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